Friday, February 12, 2010

How to Be a Frugal NYC Tour Guide

My coworker flew in from L.A. yesterday (after a canceled flight on Wednesday!) for Fashion Week. She'll be here for ten days, and I'm really looking forward to it since we talk all the time, but never get to really hang out in person. She's only taken one very short trip to NYC before, so in addition the shows that we're going to this week, I also want to show her around the city a little bit more.

I'm hoping that we can hit up some museums while she's here, because not only do I enjoy them, but they are also one of the less expensive activities out there! My plan is to make sure we go to MoMA next Friday, when the admission is free. I hear the Tim Burton exhibit that's going on right now is pretty rad! I also need to bring her to the Met, because she is a huge Gossip Girl fan, so it's sort of essential. Admission is on a donation basis there, so we can give them a few bucks and be on our way. Any suggestions for other museums that she should see?

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  1. Definitely check out the Frick Collection if you get a chance! It's on the Upper East Side. All of the art is absolutely gorgeous and it's in the most beautiful house located right on Central Park East! :)