Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cheap Eats: Pam Real Thai

Last night, some friends from out of town came to visit before an event that they were going to. We wanted to get dinner together, but time was short and we're all broke college students. It's Restaurant Week right now, but unfortunately $35 per person for dinner before drinks, taxes and tip is a little out of our budget. We opted instead for a reliable alternative: Pam Real Thai Restaurant on West 49th St.

I'll put this out there right away: Pam Real is nothing to look at. It's clean, quiet and cozy, but don't expect 'atmosphere' to be high on the priority list here. The food, however, is great. Solid, delicious Thai food. A friend of mine who has spent some time in Thailand, and he swears by this place for authenticity.

The menu has a lot to choose from, and everything is really well-priced. You can play it safe with traditional Pad Thai, but the menu is really accessible and offers some other great dishes, like the Spicy Basil Noodle dishes and the Pad Cashew Nut. Entrees are around $8, appetizers about $4 or $5. Although I've never had it here, I've heard that the duck dishes are fantastic, though a bit more expensive than other dishes. You'll leave full and happy with a wallet that's not too light.

Pam Real
404 W 49th St (between Columbus and 10th Ave.)
C, E to 50th St.

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